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I-95, Miami


I-95, Miami

Christopher Burke
Christopher Burke January 8th, 2013  /  No Comments

The Interstate 95 Express Lanes are located in Miami, Florida, and were innovatively created as a lower-cost alternative that corridor widening to congestion relief on the road. The I-95 Express Lanes are being opened in two phases. Phase 1A, running northbound from just north of I-395/SR-836 to Golden Glades (north of NW 151st Street) in Miami-Dade County, is currently in operation. Phase 1B, running southbound from just south of Miami Gardens Drive/NW 186th Street to just north of 1-395/SR-836, is also currently in operation.  Construction for Phase 2 began in 2011 and is scheduled to be completed in 2014.  Phase 2 will extend the express lanes creating a continuous facility between I-395/SR-836 in Miami-Dade County and Broward Boulevard in Broward County. The average speed maintained in the express lanes is 45 miles per hour or higher for the purpose of moving as many vehicles as possible in the safest, most efficient manner. Registered carpools, registered hybrid vehicles and motorcycles may travel in the express lanes toll-free. Single occupancy vehicles are required to have a SunPass account to travel in the express lanes.   All others commuters except trucks are allowed if they pay a toll and have a SunPass account. The Florida Department of Transportation is the current operator for the I-95 Express Lanes. 



  • Number of Lanes: 4 (2 each direction)
  • Type of Separation: Buffer + Channelizers
  • Tolling Policy: HOV-3+ free with registration
  • Type of Facility: Concurrent 



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